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Not all CBD products are the same. I chose Green Compass because it leads the industry with product quality. No corners are cut or processes spared that could compromise the integrity of their organically grown products. The oil is extracted using CO2, a process that is cleanest and most effective for ensuring the right compounds are extracted from plants and any unwanted or unnecessary ones are excluded. Dark tinted glass bottles ensure the CBD isn’t degraded by sunlight.


Every drop of CBD is pure, natural and effective. Green Compass is also now USDA certified organic!

The soil and water are tested by 3rd parties for contaminants during the farming process and a board of medical advisors are involved in customer and advocate support. Each batch is traceable and shows the spectrum of cannabinoids contained in each bottle.

Some possible benefits of CBD:  Pain management, Anxiety and mood imbalance, Digestive support, HPA Axis dysregulation (your stress response system), Sleep regulation. 


750 mg Full spectrum *mint CBD tincture

I take this mid-morning around 10 am and around 4pm. I usually take about ¼ dropper and place under my tongue. I feel it is most effective when using regularly for the first several weeks then use a few times a week as needed.


For the Kids

I love using the 500 mg full spectrum *mint CBD tincture, 2-5 times per week, usually in the morning before school and sometimes in the afternoon as needed. 

For the 4-legged babies

250 mg Pet Tincture (Bacon Flavor)

My senior (14 yrs!) Jack Russell has a history of severe allergies and ear infections. I have changed her food more times than I could count and nothing made a difference until we started incorporating CBD into her food regimen. She now is even more of a princess than she was before and won’t eat her food unless it has the CBD oil on it! Haha

If you have a passion for holistic therapies and want to be a part of something that is changing the game in the health and wellness sphere, selling Green Compass in your spare time can be a huge business income opportunity for you. This company is only getting started and has HUGE potential for growth. What does that mean for you? An unbelievable earning opportunity in a company that is ground floor. They started in February 2019 so you are getting in at the starting gate and have SO much room for growth.


Email me at to set up a call to discuss your future business with my team. Or click the link below for my info sheet, with links to videos that explain what Green Compass is all about. 

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