These are brands that I trust and use for my family. I only recommend products that I personally purchase from and believe carry out the highest standards of ethics and sourcing.

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna

By far the best way to increase detox support and cellular regeneration and healing. I have the Mpulse Aspire in my home and use 3-4 times weekly for added metabolic, detox and cardiovascular support. Excellent therapeutic support for disease prevention and healing.

**mention Courtney Bursich at checkout**

Radiant Life Counter Top Water Filter

A portable and cost effective way to get pure drinking and cooking water.

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Radiant Life Whole House Water Filtration System

Filter all the water that comes in your home (think dishwasher, shower, faucets etc). This is the exact one that I have installed in our home.

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Radiant Life 14 Stage Water Purification System

For the purest drinking water, look no further than this under-mount sink unit. I have this in conjunction with the whole house system. This ensures the perfect balance of minerals and alkalinity for increased hydration and digestive balance.

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Pique Teas

Pique Tea creates high quality organic teas that are triple screened for toxins. I always keep several flavors on hand and drink daily for added antioxidant and phytonutrient support. Their tea comes in a crystallized powder that can be added to hot or cold water easily and makes for a portable healthy drink option.

Kasandrinos Olive Oil

My favorite Olive oil, its exceptionally sourced, organic and full bodied in flavor. Use on salads, for marinades or take with you in their travel packs when eating out to avoid refined oils and dressings.

Just Thrive Probiotic

The most effective spore based probiotic. Can be used with food in baking to increase gut support or taken as a daily supplement. I use this product everyday as well as their K2 supplement.

Quantum Nutrition Labs

For premium supplements that are plant based and naturally derived.

CBD Hemp Extract

Pure, natural and effective oils and creams, with stringent oversight and hands-on commitment and control— from North Carolina corporate farms and vetted U.S. affiliate farms.

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