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"The Truth About Dairy"

"Becoming Metabolically Efficient"

"Breast Implant Illness"

"Nourishing your body from the inside out"

"Plan your New Year’s goals with the help of these 6 Charlotte fitness professionals"

"Nutrition & Lifestyle For Families, Food Relationships, and Supplements with Organic Blondie Courtney Bursich"

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"Metabolism, Gut Health, Stress, Toxins, Fitness, Fasting and More with Holistic Health Coach, Organic Blondie: Courtney Bursich"

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"Toxin Overload & What You Can Do About It with The Organic Blondie"

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coming soon!

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"Courtney Bursich Debunks the Myths of Hormone Imbalance with Simple Lifestyle Changes"

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"What is Functional Lab Testing?"

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"Ep 52 ~ Courtney Bursich - Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner "

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Want me to speak on your podcast or at your company?
Whether guest podcasting, leading group trainings for your office staff, or corporate speaking engagements — I love customizing the topics of health and nutrition to your audience. With so many conflicting theories surrounding health, it can be hard to distinguish the truth from the hype.
Let me help guide your next group discussion and bring more awareness and clarity to the ever-evolving health space.
Email me at to chat about the possibilities!
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