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As women, we use and apply dozens of products on our skin EVERY day. With over 2000 Chemical compounds found in most generic beauty products, it’s no wonder to me that we have so many metabolic problems and hormone imbalances. 


I believe it is of equal importance to remove toxin exposure as it is to consume nutrient rich foods. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. We NEED to be concerned about the things we are putting on it. The make-up, lotions, perfumes, hair care and so many more products play a massive role in our ability to fight disease. 


Beauty Counter has created a line of excellent products that fill a need for quality skincare products for women, men and children. They ban 1500+ chemicals and go through extensive contaminant screening protocols so ensure you are not exposed to these harmful chemicals. In the last year I have switched all of my personal Beauty products over to beauty counter as well as my kids sunscreen, body wash and lotions. 

Interested in making BeautyCounter a part of your mission to better others health? Click HERE to learn more about joining my amazing team of like-minded women. 

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