The Comprehensive Wellness Panel is an excellent way to evaluate the functionality of your metabolic processes. This includes a full thyroid assessment, blood sugar sensitivity markers, inflammation markers, lipid panel with cholesterol, liver and kidney function assessment, Vitamin D, ferritin (iron storage) and a complete urinalysis

**I recommend this test as a yearly measure of organ function and overall health.


The Comprehensive Wellness Panel includes:

Hemoglobin A1c + Uric Acid, + Phosphorus + Magnesium, Serum + LDH + GGT + Iron & TIBC + Ferritin + C-Reactive Protein, hs + Homocysteine + Thyroid Profile II, Free T3, Reverse T3 + Free T4 + TPO Ab + Thyroglobulin Ab + Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy + Fibrinogen Activity + CMP (14) + Lipid Panel w/ Total Cholesterol + HNK1 (CD57) Profile + Urinalysis Complete


This test is both a blood test and urine test. Emailed instructions will be sent post-purchase. You will need to take your emailed requisition form to a local lab (draw facility options will be emailed to you based on your location.) Results can take 10-14 days. Once results are made available, you will receive a scheduling link to book your results and recommendations session with Courtney (45 min session included in price.)

PRICE?     $450

Comprehensive Wellness Panel

Comprehensive Wellness Panel




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