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You can connect with me online @organic_blondie and follow for my fit and nutrition tips. Or send me a message below to get in touch.

Here’s what you can expect from working with me personally:

Gain a basic understanding of how your body processes and metabolizes food

The impact that food has on long term health and disease

How to efficiently plan for meals 

How to navigate the grocery store and have a well-stocked kitchen

How to prepare meals and common mistakes in food preparation

Evaluate and implement new lifestyle habits for stress management and sleep 

How to exercise for your body now and goals for the future 

How timeliness of meals impacts your metabolic rate and how to eat intuitively 

Provide a listening ear for any and all health concerns, mental, physical and emotional


"Courtney has helped me change my life!" I've lost 20 lbs and counting, but more than that I have gained so much knowledge and strength; both mentally and physically. I've gained a friend in the process. It has been an amazing experience!"

Brooke Denham-Gomez

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