"Find your Formula" eCourse

PRE-ORDER FIND YOUR FORMULA TODAY and receive 40 FREE recipes that WILL NOT be included once the program is released in the next few weeks!

These recipes include GunnarMade and Organic Blondie approved meals that you can apply to your 6 week journey as you find your formula for your body!

These recipes include GunnarMade and Organic Blondie approved meals that you can apply to your 6 week journey as you find your formula for your body!

GunnarMade + Organic Blondie


What to expect: 

Evaluate the feedback your body is giving you in order to master its unique formula to LONG TERM vitality. Join us in a 6 week total body program that breaks it down to the basics, eliminating information overload and focusing on promoting a sustainable formula for YOUR body TODAY.

Are you happy? Do you like what you see? Do you feel vibrant, full of energy and motivation? Do you enjoy your life? How well do you tolerate foods? What is your relationship like with your body? How is your self-talk?

Let's peel back the layers and find your unique formula!

Organic Blondie will be guiding you through a 6 week program of life hacks that include:

Body Assessments, Nutritional Formulas, Bedtime Formula, Water Formula, Stress Formula, Fasting Formula, Gut Formula and most importantly ACTION STEPS!

In the Trainerize portion of this program, you will be working to build a foundational routine focused on stability, mobility, functionality and form with GunnarMade. You will build up your strength and endurance through versatile movements over a 6 week duration.

This digital workout can be taken anywhere-no need for the gym, just a few items including various resistance bands and sliders!


The Whole Body Well Program

Whole Body Well is a course designed to teach you the basic biological mechanisms of your body.

  • unlimited year-long access

  • download content to your computer

  • modules on:

    • master your metabolism

    • fasting 101

    • hydration

    • balancing​​ hormones

    • gut health

  • tons of resources and inspiration!​

  • cost: $97

Learn the best strategies for optimizing your health!

  • Join my tribe of health-minded individuals that are learning the best tips strategies to improve their wellness. 

  • This is your resource for all things health, nutrition and learning to best ways to nurture and care for your body.

  • Our membership platform allows me to deliver content that YOU care about!

  • You get personalized access to health professional to help you navigate life's health challenges with a holistic approach. 

Organic Blondie Wellness Academy

Join our private online group and get my most in-depth information, plus a thriving community eager to connect.

Broad Spectrum Botanical Based Gut Cleanse

  • 3 supplements included: 1 liquid herbal drops, 1 Detox support binder, and 1 spore-based probiotic effective for use in: 

    • dysbiosis & leaky gut

    • candida, SIBO and h. Pylori 

    • Fungus/ Mold

    • Lyme

    • UTI

    • Auto-immune disorders

    • Acute/chronic infections

    • viral infections such as cold/flu

  • This Program includes two Zoom training and support calls scheduled monthly!

  • Price is $187

A comprehensive botanical-based gut cleanse with personal support from me all along the way.

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