The MRT 170 is the industry standard in immune reactive food sensitivity testing. MRT is the only sensitivity blood test in the entire world that quantifies the degree of the inflammatory response in sensitivity pathways. That means in addition to identifying the foods with the highest degree of reaction, more importantly, MRT is able to identify the foods that have the lowest degree of reaction (in sensitivity pathways). This is a huge asset for anyone looking to heal auto-immunity, chronic inflammation or leaky gut. In addition to these conditions many peolple with chronic inflammtory conditions can experience symptoms of fatigue, IBS, depression, brain fog, weight gain, headaches, joint pain, and GI discomfort when consuming foods that trigger an immune response. By identifying these foods and food chemicals you can create meals that promote healing and overall wellness. 


Each MRT lab test purchased includes:

  • MRT LEAP blood test of  170 most common foods and food chemicals. Resuts are emailed within 2 weeks 
  •  50 page LEAP booklet with test information with in depth information on common and hidden sources of reactive foods, additives and chemicals, reactive food alternatives, and more!
  •  Laminated wallet-sized card listing your reactive foods for quick reference
  • Discounted consult (optional) for $65 (30 min review session) 


MRT 170 Food Sensitivity Test

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