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Stool testing has become a popular method for evaluating the status of an individuals' microbiome. The problem is that many of these tests are often lacking in accuracy, reliability, and functionality. Gut Zoomer™ stool test is the most accurate microbiome test available to assess your gastrointestinal tract and digestive capabilities, along with any pathogens (parasites, bacteria, fungi).


Comes with a 60-Minute review session with an Organic Blondie Health Coach.

Gut Zoomer Stool Test

Price Options
One-time purchase
2 Installments
$349.50every month for 2 months
3 Installments
$233.00every month for 3 months
  • This test includes markers for:

    • Intestinal permeability + disorders, SIBO-related bacteria, vitamin production
    • 67 pathogenic bacteria
    • 24 Intestinal parasites
    • 8 viruses
    • 5 Fungal or yeast species
    • 5 worm species
    • 6 antibiotic resistance genes measured
    • Digestive Status Markers: Calprotectin, Pancreatic elastase, SS-glucuronidase, Bile acids, Cholic acid, Chenodeoxycholic acid, Deoxycholic acid, Lithocholic acidAcetic acid, Butyric acid, Propionic acid, Valeric acidTotal SCFAs

    With these insights, you can then use the actionable nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations as a road map for improving your unique gut microbiome.

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