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Are you an Efficient Detoxer?

Knowing whether or not you detox well can take some self evaluation and digging.

Detox processes happen on their own naturally, BUT, lifestyle habits, toxic

exposures, and poor food quality can muddy up those processes and slow things

down. Check out my simple checklist below to find out how well your detox processes are working:

1. Are you having regular bowel movements?

I have a friend that calls this her daily “conference call” and I love that! If you aren’t having a morning “conference call” then you may have some backed up toxicity in your body. Try adding a blend of magnesium citrate and malate (or glycinate) to a glass of water at night before bed and aim to drink at least 16 oz of purified water immediately after waking. You can also try to increase fiber by adding chia seeds,hemp seeds (or hemp powder) and ground flax to your meals throughout the day. Fiber creates bulk for you to trap toxins as well as feed your healthy gut microbes.

2. How is your skin?

If you have consistent breakouts, rashes, dry or itchy skin

then you may be harboring some toxic buildup (think of this as a clogged drain- the drain being your liver!). Try upping your antioxidants like Glutathione, NAC and Vitamin C to help

reduce free radicals and toxins. Another contributing factor to skin issues is gut health.

Endo toxins created by gut microbes can create toxic by-products that can circulate in

the bloodstream and create a heavier toxic load on the body. If you have been experiencing symptoms of poor detoxification for some time you may need to evaluate the condition of your gut microbiome. Reach out to our team HERE to set up a free discovery call to discuss options for testing.

3. Are you struggling to lose weight?

Are you hitting the gym, restricting calories and still not seeing any improvement in your body composition? You may have a detoxification issue that is wrecking your metabolism. You have to detox accumulated toxicity in the body to have a strong and robust metabolism. Toxins are stored in fat cells, as you burn fat those toxins get released and become more damaging to your healthy cells, this creates a cascade of problems that can result in a sluggish liver and metabolism. Try increasing your intake or antioxidant rich foods as well incorporating some gut support like our favorite probiotic MegaSpore .

4. Are you always exhausted?

Being in a constant state of exhaustion is not normal. It’s

adrenal insufficiency. Toxin buildup, inflammation, microbiome imbalances, or stress

can cause problems with your brain-adrenal communication which dysregulates your cortisol

and leaves you always waiting for your next nap. Toxin accumulation can make you sluggish and brain fogged so addressing the root of toxicity (usually where the continued exposure is) is essential to healing the symptoms.

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