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The first step will be to order any lab kits that might be relevant to you (shop labs).  If you need help deciding, email .... for assistance.  As you wait for your lab kits to arrive, several intake forms will be emailed to be filled out at your earliest convenience.  You will also be sent instructions on how to properly do your lab work. 

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When you receive your lab kit, take everything out and read all instructions thoroughly before taking the samples. Note that many labs need to be shipped same day so do not take the lab on a weekend or holiday.  Once your sample has been taken, send back using the prepaid mailer box or envelope given. 

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Results often take 10-14 days to arrive.  Once I have been notified that results are ready, I will send digital results. For tests that include consultations, you will be notified to schedule your 60 minute Results & Recommendation session.  Your R+R session will include detailed lab analysis and symptom correlation, followed by a comprehensive diet and lifestyle protocol.  Supplements and nutraceuticals will be offered to you via Fullscript at discounted rates.

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6 weeks after our first follow up session you will be notified to book your second coaching consult.  This session is intended to help track progress, troubleshoot, and provide you with any guidance that might be needed to improve your health and healing journey.

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